It was really incredible to bring our community from Asheville to Costa Rica, blending with rural communities in a such a drastically different environment. We learned so much about ourselves, our community, and the world.

Linda Siegall Coordinator of the Young Adults Program (YAP) at Jubilee Asheville, NC

The trip was truly amazing. A life changing experience for me that I will always remember…It was really special to connect with the youth in foreign country…not speaking the same language by understanding the common language of service and play.

Aidan Lytle

There are no words to describe how beautiful everything is. Costa Rica takes my breath away. I was surrounded by life and felt closer to the Earth than I have ever felt before. More than that True Nature and everyone has been so supportive.

Allison Waters

I am forever grateful and forever changed. I truly found myself here…who I want to be. I am happy, content, and a completely new person. Thank you so much True Nature! I could have never felt this way without you and for that I am forever indebted.

Charlotte Dabrowski

It is so easy to get caught up in the same routine every day. Thank you for this trip, True Nature Education, and the re-start I needed in my life.

Erin Kochanek

My True Nature Education retreat was a self and life transformational experience…

Gerald Givens

I believe coming on this trip took me out of my comfort zone, no actually, it expanded my comfort zone. I feel I am a changed person now and that I am able to to see and experience the beauty of Planet Earth. I will take the memories with me as I keep on with my journey of life.

Kathryn Hima

The True Nature community of such beautiful souls, supporting one another in times of great joy and moments of need, is a great departure from many of my day-to-day experiences and encourages me to give more and to also allow myself to receive.

Renzo Torman

I have never felt so empowered in my life. This trip has cleared my mind and opened my hear to receive more love, joy, and energy in my life. I feel so revived and so renewed. I plan on taking this momentum and energy back to the states to improve my wellbeing, my relationships, and my community. I have loved the people I have met here and the memories I have made here which I will cherish forever.
“Dream big, live bigger, and never stop exploring!”

Summer Johnson

This is the best and most relaxing week I’ve ever had. I loved the whole thing and I feel like I’m making a difference when doing service work.

Theresa Van Cauwenbergh